Speed Mowing

This weekend we’re having some friends over. They haven’t been here before so I wanted the house to look good – a big problem given the lawn hasn’t been mown in almost a month. Not to worry, I thought, I’ll mow it over the weekend before they get here on Sunday afternoon.

Then I heard the weather forecast on the radio as I drove home. Rain was on the way and it wasn’t going to let up all weekend.


I got home and checked the radar to see this :

Rain Before

See that little circle of clear around Melbourne? Well, that was my window of opportunity. I raced to the shed, grabbed that mower and mowed like a mad man would mow. A mad man in a hurry. It may possibly the quickest lawn mowing ever recorded. I finished the back lawn and shoved the mower back inside the shed just as the first big drops began to fall.

Now the radar looks like this :

Rain After

But I don’t care ’cause my lawns are done.

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