Bye Jane

Jane Gazzo says goodbye.
For the past 16 months Jane Gazzo has hosted the night shift on 6 Music and I’ve listened every morning at work. Tonight was her final show so, as a semi-regular emailer, I had to send one last mail to say bye. I got a lovely email back from her but the biggest surprise was as she was saying goodbye to people. Just before she couldn’t go on any further there was “Tony, from Melbourne”.

Bye Jane, I’m really gonna miss you and your show. Mornings just won’t be the same.

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  1. Thank you for posting that Neil that’s wonderful news, and thank you to Anthony for this blog, Xmas has started to seem like fun again, I shall keep eyes and ears open. I’m looking foreward to it already.

  2. Hello Jane Gazzo lovers!

    I heard today that Jane will be back on 6 Music over Christmas!
    Yes! She’s going to be on from Tuesday 27th till Friday30th (I think I’ve got those dates right!)
    not sure what time yet but probably doing Gideon or Vic McGlin’s shift.
    So lets all rally round our radio’s and hear Jane for Christmas!

  3. I, too, had been on a listening hiatus and upon returning to the wonderful 6Music, I heard the new woman in Jane’s place!!!

    Jane was a brilliant presenter, and she is greatly missed by people from all over the world! I hope that she turns back up quickly and when she does, maybe Tony can email all of those who’ve posted on his blog to let them know.

  4. If you’re reading this Jane, best wishes; I’ve been listening to your shows all the way back since 3RRR. I hope to find you reappear sometime soon. You’re missed by many listeners and the your departure is a great loss to the BBC – even if they fail to appreciate it.

    Wayne (Melbourne -> London)

  5. Just adding another voice to the mass. Typing from Rio de Janeiro here. I found BBC6 through the Bruce Dickinson show, but ended up getting hooked to Jane Gazzo’s Dream Ticket.

    My musical horizons widened a lot with that show, and Jane’s charisma is unreplaceable — even if they keep the same format, the show just isn’t the same without her. I started listening to Jane’s Dream Ticket last year — it ran around 10pm in Rio time zone, and I listened to it at the uni. I spent 6 months in northern California earlier this year, and kept listening to the show, only there it ran around 4, 5pm — so I listened to it at work. I missed it for a month or so and when I came back… where’s Jane? At first I thought she was in vacation, but I checked at the website and… “Nemone’s Dream Ticket”??? That’s just not right.

    BBC6’s music is cool, but Jane was one of the few there without a holier-than-thou attitude. If she moves to another radio that’s also accessible over the net, please let us know.

  6. Jane’s removal from 6 music is now revealed as an appalling mistake – replaced by an anodyne, character-less, Tony Blackburn-type, garbage-talking, music leper former R1 jock – just what is going on??

    I’ve e-mailed 6Music for some kind of explanation, without a (predictable) response. I suggest you do the same –

  7. Fantastic that this blog has reached so many people and I’m really pleased so many people feel the same way I do about Jane’s demise. I’ve given Nemone a try and I really can’t stick her, professional though she may be. I’ll just have to make do with Tom Robinson and the Freak Zone, the only other shows I can get to hear.

    Cheers all – and thanks again to Anthony for hosting this discussion thread!


  8. I saw something on the web from XFM that Jane could be replacing Lucio on weekend breakfast.
    I wonder what time I would have to get up to listen being on Pacific Standard Time?

  9. I agree with everything that has been said about jane Gazzo. In my sad middle age wher 10 pm is a daring bedtime it was good to listen to something that brought back memories of my youth and I could bore my husband to sleep reminicing about about past gigs. Now Nemone just reminds me of why i alwys had a radio 2 hangup.

  10. I found this site through Googling as well (all bless google and blogs). I can’t believe they replaced Jane & put in that faceless person, the show has lost all it’s personality. Nemone is very professional, but it’s taken away all the charm of the show – which I thought was the point of Radio 6. If you want to do something email (and CC and complain. Tell them why Jane should never have been replaced.

  11. Came back from holiday & Jane-o was gone. Real shock & wished I’d heard her last one, the poor wee darling. She & Tom R helped be get through my day in an office by myself doing a job I’m bored with. Great patter, good music & fun to listen to. Cannae be arsed giving Nemone a chance – heard her a while back on R1 & wasn’t impressed.

    Jane, if you read this, you’re missed. Even if you ne’er played Red Gum:-}

  12. Great to read these responses. Like most of the above, I googled and came across this thread. Hopefully she will re-appear, even if it is on another station – God bless podcasting.

    Nemone is ok, but isnt a BBCR6 presenter. Much more a BBBCR1 / journo. Might have to give Janice Long (Jane G’s Dream Ticket predecessor) a go on BBCR2. Though that’s on 12am-3am.

    tnx again – Biggs

  13. One of the posters said Jane’s show felt like a Global community. Totally agree! I was always pleasantly surprised to hear some of my emails read on air as I was wrapping up my work day in Boston. Enjoyed her diverse tastes and wish her well!


  14. Damn, I miss Jane and interacting with her show.
    This Nemone person just doesn’t do if for me. I used to email Jane’s show at every chance I had.
    It was great being able to share my memories of shows I had seen. And Jane read most of them over the air. Plus she turned me on to so many artists and is responsible for my going music collection.

    I hope she turns up soon!!!

    Cheers all,

  15. Any one that plays The Ruts John Peel Session is ok with me. I listened for a couple of months and really enjoyed her show.

  16. I’ve been trying to find out where Jane Gazzo had gone and have now found this site through my surfing. I am dismayed to discover that the only DJ that was worth listening to has been axed by the BBC! As a ‘pom’ who loves some of the Oz bands more than most UK ones (Midnight Oil, Something For Kate, Nick Cave, Sarah McLeod, etc), I found myself drawn to Jane’s musical taste as much as her genuine unpretentious radio style. I have to say I’ve lost all my enthusiasm for BBC 6 Music as a result so “thanks BBC for screwing it up again”. Like others have said, I sincerely hope JG turns up somewhere else soon. I’m glad I missed her last show if only for the fact that it sounds as though she was pretty upset with the whole thing. I’m sorry Nemone but I can’t even bring myself to give you a try – anyone who uses a single name as a ‘moniker’ has to be treated with a great deal of suspicion if you ask me! Yours judgementally (tinged with sadness for the loss of JG), John Ferguson

  17. Jane’s show on 6 Music became part of my late-night life (UK) for a year or so and I was lucky enough to speak with her a couple of times. She is a complete star with far too much talent to be away for long.

    I understand that BBC politics beyond her control were at work in installing an out of work DJ from Radio 1 as her replacement. Jane’s enthusiasm for music was infectious, her humour beguiling and she will be greatly missed by regular listeners like me who haven’t tuned in to late night radio since the death of the great John Peel.

  18. I am a Dream Ticket listener and the show certainly made the last part of my work day more enjoyable. I am willing to give Nemone a chance but Jane was something special with the “Ultimate Gig” and her ability to select from the BBC archives. Jane reminds me of a Toronto DJ (local station with the call letters CFNY) named Dani Elwell. Dani helped me through many a late night study session about 10 years ago. Both of these women were class acts who knew thier music & thier audience.

  19. From what I gather Jane’s contract expired and was not renewed, hence her genuine upset on the last show. It appears that the powers that be preferred to parachute Nemone in because they had promised her a gig. What a lot of tosh – it’s enough to make me demand my licence fee back! πŸ™

  20. Jane’s show for me has been the best thing on radio or TV here for ages and like other’s couldn’t believe that anyone would be so stupid as to change it. It really felt like a global community show and I loved hearing all the music and stories from listeners around the world. I hope she’s back on air again soon so we can all meet up again.

  21. Found you on the web while googling the missing Jane. Thanks for the update. I’m a Canadian working in Ohio & Jane’s been my radio companion while working away on my computer every night. She’ll be missed!

    Cheers, Michael

  22. Gutted is a good word. Dream Ticket was the only BBC6 show I listened to regularly. It’s really the only online radio I’ve ever had anything to do with. I adored Jane’s enthusiasm and innocence. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m devastated, but I do feel betrayed. This Nemone person has some mighty big shoes to fill.

    Lucy in SoCal

  23. I Googled too, looking for people who were missing Jane as much as I was. Thanks for blogging it Tony.

    As far as I can tell, the programme controller was looking for a slot for Nemone, who has filled a number of gaps on the BBC network for the last few years. Jane said on the last show that she didn’t know what she was going to do next, so I assume this has been a surprise eviction. Hope we can hear her soon somewhere. The music on Dream Ticket was good, but what made it was that silky voice, which in a short time became one of my favourite ever on the radio.

    Will keep my eyes open for Jane sightings and post back here if I find out anything…

  24. I was amazed when Jane G was saying good-bye last Friday morning. Just listened to Jane G’s replacement and what is so good or better about Nemone? Jane G will be missed as the show always sounded friendly and warm with her. Hope she gets a real good gig soon. Haven’t received a reply to my final e-mail, but she was busy.

  25. I was one of the regulars too, and I just found out about the end of the show tonight when I switched on to listen. I hadn’t been able to listen for a week or two, and I am absolutely gutted to find some imposter in ‘our Janey’s’ place. I really hope she reappears soon, and I really can’t imagine why BBC 6 Music would want to lose her.

    Found you by Googling Jane’s name, trying to find out what happened! Cheers Anthony – it’s good to share.

  26. Good to see that someone else blogged Jane’s demise and grabbed the dynamic web imaging system picture too. I’ll keep my ears open here in the UK to see where she re-appears.


  27. I was gutted when Jane’s show came to an end. I used to love listening. She was so good to the listeners too, always answering queries and responding to emails.

    Do you know where she’s gone – or where I can hear her now?

  28. Been away this xmas but listened again on the wonderful BBC website to some of her shows on 6Music sitting in for Gideon and I think she is great, with a real presonality – ie – the antithesis of her old late night show.

    Something tells me she’ll be back for good, in the not too distant future.

  29. It was great to hear Janey on the airwaves again over Christmas, and I know there were quite a few other regulars listening to the shows – I really hope you’re right Steve – it would be good to have her back regularly.

    Happy new year everyone!

    Dave, Bristol

  30. Hi Everyone
    Great to see this forum for our angst at the loss of our Jane from 6 Music. I really can’t stand the woman who took Jane’s place and I know I’m not alone in saying Nemone is the most boring female DJ on the station.
    I found this article which attests to Nemone’s boring drivel and DJ banter in the Guardian which definitely attests to my feelings.,3605,408701,00.html

    I wonder if there’s anymore we can do to get her back on 6 Music.
    Shoggsy – East Macclesfield.

  31. Ah, what a pleasant suprise on 6 music today.
    On Julie Cullen and Mark Sutherland’s show today, they had Jane on talking about the Big Day Out in the land down under. Could this mean she back? I hope so!

  32. Nice to see this site, Tony, and listeners of lovely Jane. I was a regular. “Bob in NYC”. I recognise some of the people posting here, I think. I miss Jane and her air-presence a lot.

    I caught her depping for Gid during the Christmas holidays 2005 — she was excellent — and just this week when she did the Music Week show on 6 Music with Julie and Mark. Again, Jane shined whilst pre-viewing the “Big Day Out” musical festival in Australia.

    I reckon she is DJ’ing live, catching live music shows, being “on the scene”, and the like (she did do voice-overs, etc.) — but one hopes with all one’s heart she’ll return to the air-waves.

    Cheers to all!


  33. Hey Bob from NYC – I remember you πŸ™‚

    I wonder if Jane knows about this shrine to her time with 6 πŸ˜€

    Maybe we should set up a site to host a campaign to ‘bring back Jane’. Anyone interested feel free to mail me at:

    I still don’t listen to Dream Ticket. I love the Freakzone, Liz Kershaw’s show, and even Natasha’s weekend Breakfast show has some appeal but I still miss Jane’s show.

    Cheers all.


  34. Hi Dave ! Nice to hear (is that the right word for a blog?;)) you !

    I mentioned this Jane shrine to some people at BBC who know Jane. They said they would mention it to her. But they are all busy people. I hope they do, but I can’t press them.

    I wonder if the host of this site has made it known to Jane since Tony is a Melbournite, too.

    Good to hear from you, Dave, and all.

    I haven’t heard much about what Jane is up to. I keep asking but no one quite seems to say.

    I suspect she is DJ’ing live performances. But that’s a guess. I know she is around and about the scene. It’s not easy to get a radio slot with the big networks.

    I hope she comes back on-air soon. I miss her very much !

    I still listen to 6 Music. The mix is too good.

    Best Wishes to all, and to dearest Jane wherever she may be.


  35. Hi all. I just got the word that Jane is doing very well, is in very good spirits and health, and is around and about the music scene in London, also attending many live musical performances. I’m sure she’s doing a lot of other things, too. As for when she will be back on the air, I have no idea, but hope we will soon see her brilliant return.

  36. Just caught this page. I still can’t believe a quality broadcaster like Jane Gazzo isn’t high profile now. Dream Ticket pretty much brought me back to regular radio listening after I got my DAB. That and the fact that it introduced me to so many new bands that I have stuck with since.


  37. Hi Adi, Steve, and all.

    Glad to pass along any share-able news.

    Adi, it is a puzzle to me why Jane isn’t high profile now. She had a large following and indie music trade papers called her show one of the best on BBC 6 Music. She has done a few fill-ins for people, like during the 2005 Christmas holidays on 6 Music. I mean, admittedly it isn’t easy to get a radio slot on a major station as it is not easy to displace otherwise successful shows. But I would have at least expected her to fill-in for more people at the very least.

    If you take someone like Chris Hawkins, who I like and who’s very talented also, he has radio shows on many networks at once, besides his show on 6 Music. Classic Gold Digital, Real Radio, BBC 6 Music, and soon co-presenting a Friday night psychic talk show on LBC 97.3 FM, beginning on 28th April 2006.

    So Jane should be desirable, too.

    Maybe Jane is just DJ’ing and doing voice-overs, being a print journalist or something else? Then she always has the Australian media scene. I don’t know. It’s puzzling.

    I hope Jane returns to the air waves soon, somewhere, somehow, sometime.

    I imagine it would behoove Jane to get her own website created, up and running, to keep her former listener and industry visibility up.

    Meanwhile we have here, thanks to Tony.

    Best to all,

    Bob in America.

  38. Thanks Bob – I can’t understand the 6Music politics in effectively sacking Jane from the Dream Ticket and then asking her to stand in for Gideon over Christmas and then…nothing.

    Her old show is now such a shambles of Radio 1 style DJ chatter, presented by a person whose only knowledge of modern-day music appears to be confined to Prince and reading from liner notes of records she’s hearing for the first time – “Television” by Marquee Moon – thank you Nemone.

  39. Hi Steve.

    I just don’t get it either, quite simply.
    There are a lot of slots when people are on holiday. This week Lamacq is on holiday and Nemone is sitting in for him, and Clare MacDonnell is depping for Nemone on the Dream Ticket. Clearly Jane could have been called up to do it, assuming she had the free time (which she might not — we just don’t know).

    It is worrisome to me that Jane doesn’t have a web presence as I mentioned before except for here. That would have been my first move, were I in lovely Jane’s shoes after 6music. She should have a web page with her news, etc. Puzzling still.

    She was called up twice since her departure: first for a week depping for Gideon Coe. Then she was once briefly on the 6music programme, Music Week, with Mark Sutherland and Julie Cullen, journalistically commenting on an Australian new wave festival that was in progress. Then nothing, as you say — at least on BBC.

    I think it’s all about presence and visibility. At least on the air. I am assuming Jane’s very visible on the London music scene. So she’s in the mix.

    I mean, if Jane were to do another BBC or non-BBC show, how would we know ? Would someone post here ? Would there be enough press releases to get the word out ?

    One nice thing about Jane’s show was that it was very personal and she was loyal to her listeners. We all know that from listening and from especially her last show wherein she thanked almost everyone in a very human way.

    That was what was very special about Jane’s show besides the show itself, the music, her talent and personality. She remembered people frequently. Someone was going to have an eye surgery, she wished him well on the air. More than once. Over many weeks time.
    And the Ultimate Gig show segment/device was hugely personal and engrossing.

    That should have worked in her favour on all counts and for a loyal listener base which I am of the opinion she had.

    I don’t think most of the presenters on 6music or certain other places on BBC radio are Auntie Beeb lifetime BBC employees, per se. I think, as “talent”, they are independent contractors. It’s true on Radio 1 and I think it is largely true on 6music and perhaps the industry in general. So when a contract is up, it’s either renewed or not. Full stop.

    Now the politics of that decision are out of my scope. It called “show biz”. And that can be very fickle. RAJAR ratings, who likes whom, office politics, who sang the best karaoke at the last Christmas party, programme schedule mixing, etc etc etc. Who knows.

    I hope Jane’s back again which I always close with. If I were in London, I would be trying to hear her DJ’ing a club or event.

    She must have an agent or agents representing her. If she has a publicist, I have not heard anything on this side of the big pond.

    Best to all, and thanks to Tony for keeping this channel open. I hope Jane reads it.

    Bob in America.

  40. I’ve fired off a few e-mails in the direction of Jane’s previous colleagues at 6music so will keep you posted but in the meanwhile would echo Bob in America’s sentiment -if you’re out there and reading this, Jane, let us know.

    Steve in Leeds

  41. A guy who posts on the BBC 6music boards claims to have spoken to Jane when she was djing recently at a London club and she told him that she is in the process of arranging a comeback with the station.

    Take it with a pinch of salt as he’s a bit of a loser but it would be good if it was true and further confirmation that she’ll be back before long.

  42. Folks,

    It’s good to see that I wasn’t the only one to be annoyed at Jane’s sudden exit from the station all those months ago.

    *waves at other show regulars*

    I mailed some complaints off at the time and got a long missive back that said she’d gone of her own accord which I found odd given her mails to me about suddenly leaving and her comments about not knowing where she was going next.

    When she was on for Gid over xmas and doing the odd appearance on the Music Week I was hopeful, she’s just been on the Music Week again for this week’s show (w/e 30/04/2006) so there’s still a chance I hope.

    Nemone’s so soulless and banal she reminds me of Janice Long in the 80s and she’s far more playlist-friendly than Janey ever was; I think this is a bad thing – I didn’t like her on R1 and this only reinforced that opinion.

    Bring back La Gazzo :o))

    Oh, if you’re missing her voice you could do worse than download the Ross Noble & Terri Psiakis podcasts from I’m nowt to do with either apart from being from Ross’ home town (and a fan of his comedy), but there’s some excellent humour in the shows and Terri reminds me of Janey quite a bit. Must be a Melbourne thing πŸ™‚

  43. Hi Witchy and all !

    *waves at all former regulars, too*

    Someone floated a rumour on the BBC 6music message board about changes at the station under article “Changes coming at 6music”. I have no idea if it is true or what it means. It was apparently in the Media Guardian.

    I would wholeheartedly agree, of course. Bringing back lovely Jane anywhere on-air would be superb.

    Best to all,


  44. Just listening to Jane (with a cold) on The Music Week on 6 Music, great to hear her back if even for a few minutes.

  45. Brilliant, Tony ! I wish I could have caught her on-air. I hope she reads this forum and recovers from her cold.


    Bob in America.

  46. I just ran into this 2005 article: “ANALYSIS: RADIO: Lend them your ears” by Ian Burrell — The Independent, (London), 23rd May 2005. It says (Jane’s) Dream Ticket was one of the best shows on. See below. I had heard about the story but never saw it or read it.


    Bob in America.

    “BBC 6 MUSIC Audience: 311,000 Expect: New Order, Blur, British Sea Power A great station for the music cognoscenti, it has the feel of an
    indie record shop where they know every record ever made, who produced it, who played on it, what label it was on and who designed the sleeve. That’s maybe why some women say it’s ‘too blokey’. Star DJs include Steve Lamacq and Bruce Dickinson. Liz
    Kershaw and Jane Gazzo try to correct any imbalance. The best thing is Dream Ticket, where you imagine you’re at some of the greatest gigs ever …”

  47. Joining in the hoards of listeners missing Jane, I think of her everytime I hear Nemone. She’s not awful but she’s just absolutely NOT NOT Jane. Why oh why did they do it? Surely she could get another show? Where is she?

  48. Hi Ruth and all.

    From what I gather … Jane is around and about London, DJ’ing and also apparently does an “in-flight” pre-recorded program for Emirates Airline.

    Her Wikipedia article is frequently updated. See details there !

    Quoting …

    “Jane is resident DJ at the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival in Camber Sands as well as Death Disco, Camden Lock and Buffalo Bar venues in London. She also presents pre-recorded music shows on VH-2 TV in the UK as well as the ‘Download’ in-flight radio show on Emirates Airline (deacribed as “the best modern rock and alternative from some of today’s top bands including our Featured Artist, Massive Attack” [1]).”

    Best to All, and to Lovely Jane in North London.

    Bob in America.

  49. Hi Steve.

    Yes, I left an appropriate comment there on the BBC 6 Music message board after your posting in your thread.

    I guess it would help if more people left a posting if they are so inclined !


  50. Hi Steve. Okay the jig’s up. Being quite balanced and I have a lot in common ! πŸ˜‰ Good to see so many postings on that thread for Jane on 6 Music. Bests to all. Bob, always quitebalanced hopefully, in America. πŸ˜‰

  51. Jane seems to be DJing in late July and August in Liverpool for Death Disco.

    Jul 27 2006 8:00A
    Greg Griffin (Proud Mary)/The Sums/Colonel
    Dave owen/DJ:Jane Gazzo (bbc/xfm/death disco) Liverpool

    Aug 10 2006 8:00A
    Headliner TBC/The Prelude/DJ:Jane Gazzo (bbc/xfm/death disco) Liverpool

    Aug 24 2006 8:00A
    LORRAINE/the negatives/DJ:Jane Gazzo (bbc/xfm/death disco) Liverpool

    It’s a long swim from here. πŸ˜‰

    Best to all.
    Bob in America.

  52. Right, Tony ! I guess it’s the same swim as you have ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ — Bests, Bob.

  53. Hi All !

    I just heard today from a friend at the BBC that the my friend saw and spoke with lovely Jane this past weekend whilst Jane was DJing at a festival. Jane reported she is quite well, happy, and having a good time. That’s good news! Bests.

  54. Jane will be subbing for Liz Kershaw two Saturdays, on BBC 6 Music. 19/8 and 26/8, 10am-1pm. πŸ™‚

  55. /waves to all

    Just dropping by to see what’s new. Great to hear that Jane’s standing in for Liz. I was on vacation last weekend but will be listening this Saturday.

    Keep the faith!



  56. Come on lady, the stream has been so dim since you left….remember I piped your show on the 6 throughout the whole building and my 300+ emp sang, danced, smiled and cried to the tunes you sent us over in Austin……really we never understood the politics…..but you ausse birds just seem to kick our Texas asses……
    let us know where you land or when you get to SXSW or ACL fest here in Texas…..Love from all of us to you….don’t ever be down unless it’s part of a movie….Keith.. shite…all the books @ the shop have never been the same as I told you they used to make book on your 3rd picture word you put up on the web cams at 6 music….stay in touch please Lady…cheers..K

  57. Hi Keith and Dave and all !

    It was excellent to know Jane was back on-air on 6 Music again.

    Keith — I remember the bit about your having all your employees in the building listen to Jane’s show. She mentioned it on-air, if I remember !

    Bests to all,

  58. you never know, we may hear the aussie bird again soon. she keeps cropping up from time to time and has really made a difference when she has. either way she appears content whatever happens.

    bob – only joking on 6m board, by the way!!

  59. Hi Steve. I hope so about lovely Jane, of course. She always makes a difference !

    Oh, I know when you’re kidding me on those messageboards !



  60. Looks like there are changes coming at 6 Music. Nemone is being shifted to an afternoon slot (yay!) and Clare McDonnell is doing the Dream Ticket (at least for the moment) – not sure if that means there will be a new host, or whether Clare will continue with it, but who knows, maybe our Janey will be back? I liked Clare when she used to stand in for Jane, in fact did my 2nd ultimate gig with her.

  61. Bah – looks like the deal is sealed. It’s Pete Mitchell’s gig. Oh well – he’s GOT to be better than Nemone…

  62. Hi Dave and all.

    It’s still unclear somewhat, but have a look at week 36, near 4th-5th September for BBC 6 Music.

    Dream Ticket With Pete Mitchell
    Tuesday 5 September
    10.00pm-1.00am BBC 6 MUSIC
    Pete Mitchell presents the Dream Ticket tonight and introduces two classic sessions from the BBC archive – the late Johnny Cash’s memorable performance at Glastonbury in 1993 plus more men in black, The Sisters Of Mercy in session for John Peel in June 1984.
    Presenter/Pete Mitchell, Producer/Mike Hanson
    BBC 6 Music Publicity

    I miss the Ultimate Gigs !

    Bests to all,

  63. the schedule changes are generally bad news for uk listeners but, i agree, pete mitchell for nemone in jane’s old slot (no offence meant!) is an improvement. the show’s format is in need of a re-vamp. nemone’s caretaking was obviously a temporary career move and maybe she sees more in the personality of ric blaxill than other previous female presenters, including clare mcdonnell who is perfectly suited to a permanent slot (no offence meant!!).

  64. Jane just returned to 6 Music, filling in for Natasha on the 3rd December 2006 Sunday Weekend Breakfast Show.

    Great to hear lovely Jane again.

    Best. — Bob.

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