2005 Is Over

Well, that’s it. My Tigers have just lost the last game of the year by a point. We’ve come so close so many times this season but that one hurt, especially with Wayne Campbell retiring.

All in all I’m impressed with my boys this year. So many games we’ve come back where in previous years we would just have given it all away. They now try no matter what the odds stacked against them and this new found confidence is wonderful for us long suffering Tiger fans. Come next season Nathan Brown and David Roden will be back on the ground and this will make a huge difference. The boys will take a lot from this year and 2006 and beyond are looking grand for those who love their Yellow and Black.

Now though, it’s time to move the sporting focus to hockey with season 2005/2006 just a little over a month away I’m already salivating over the thought of my Canucks playing off for the Stanley Cup.

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