As They Said In Highlander

“There could possibly be two.”

Or something along those lines.

With only three rounds to go Rob and Marita are both on 98 in the footy tipping competition – which presents me with a problem. What do we do in the case of a draw? I seriously doubt we could ever find another prize with such, um, character as The Urn.

As I’m the one running this comp though I may have to decide that, if Rob does end up in a tie, he is ineligible on the basis it’s obvious he couldn’t have picked the Tigers every week so he doesn’t deserve The Urn. Then again, maybe that means he does.

5 Replies to “As They Said In Highlander”

  1. Surely in the event of a tie the person who holds the trophy must keep it for another year!!!! And take photos and send them to the other winner on a monthly basis

  2. If it’s a tie.
    And if it’s between me and Rob.
    Rob can have the trophy.
    I’ll live with the glory.

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