Getting The Point

Ah football, how I missed you for the one week you were away. Yes the the mighty Tigers scraped home by a point despite appearing to only take the field for the final three minutes of the last quarter, and boy, we were happy. We’ve finally snapped the mid-season losing hoodoo that has dogged us for the past three years.

As Rob and I sang the best team song in the league one shattered Swan’s supporter punched a vacant seat next to him. I reckon that’s going to hurt him a longer than the loss.

4 Replies to “Getting The Point”

  1. Hey Wilko.

    Great to hear from you, as long as you say nothing about my teens! Gotta agree – none of my nails made it out alive.

  2. And following the tradition set by precedence, I knew the Tigers were going to win this week because the game wasn’t aired here – and so i missed another opportunity to see them sing the song of victory.

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