Sheltered Me

Man I’ve lived a sheltered life.

This was hit home to me today after a great lunch with Daniel and Marita. It was at Small Poppies, in Footscray so we parked at the station and walked over.

After some great meals, average coffees and wonderful conversation we walked back and hopped in the car. As we got in Rae and I both noticed them, two guys looking over their shoulders as they crouched between a car and garbage skip. It looked odd. We pulled out of the park and it was then I saw one of them looking back towards the station while the other rolled up his sleeve and sank the needle in.

While it was my first shooting up in public sadly it didn’t look like his.

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  1. When I was in the Navy, I used to walk through Kings Cross each morning on my way from the train station to the ship tied up at Garden Island. Seeing this sort of activity was a regular occurence, and one of the many reasons I do not (and will never) miss living and working in Sydney.

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