One Fresh iPod Please

Yesterday I took over the weekly grocery duties while Rae took over the weekly picking-up-Phee-from-drama duties. Rae had done all the hard work, getting the list done and in order, so all I had to do was push the trolley around and throw stuff in.

However, this in itself can be a little boring if you’re doing the shopping by yourself so I decided to do something a little different. Yes, if you were shopping at Coles, Altona Gate, yesterday afternoon and saw the geek pushing the trolley around while tapping away to the iPod firmly planted in his ears, that was me. Everything goes better with a pod.

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  1. Am now contemplating putting that list on a Word doc, so you can transfer it to a note and put it directly on your iPac.

    Or is that even too geeky for you?

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