It must be me, there’s no other reasonable explanation for why now two of my babies are in/on their way to Gadget Hospital.

I’ve already moaned about my iPod being in Apple Hospital, now my phone is on its way to Nokia Hospital and I will be without it for 5-10 business days (which equate to about 1.4 normal days). I’m having the same problem with my Nokia 6230, it won’t hold a charge past 2 days, and as I was shunted around so much in the 14 day ‘replace it no questions asked if it’s a lemon’ period they (being Optus World) now have to send it off for assessment. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

(Update – put my sim card in my old Nokia that hasn’t been near a charger in six weeks. It hadn’t lost one bar on the power indicator over this time).

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  1. You have seen your version of hell!!! You better be a good boy from now on. Imagine eternity without the pod and the camera phone!


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