We’ve pretty much given up watching anything on television. The footy is on at the moment, and that’s about all we watch save for the news on week nights. Any free time we have to sit back and relax is devoted to watching what we’ve downloaded. It’s fantastic, you are only hours behind the States or UK, instead of months, an hour of television only takes 40 odd minutes and you can pause without having to invest in a PDR.

Perhaps the highlight though is watching shows we would never otherwise get the chance to watch. We’ve already seen Carnivale season 2 and we’re now working our way through Deadwood – a show equal to any I have seen but contains themes, images and language that would cause most stations (free to air or cable) to pass here. We’re working our way through season 1 now, and up to episode 6. It’s so good we’re burning the episodes to DVD so we can watch them on our television. Fortunately Nero can’t keep up with our watching so I can get some work done. We’re also watching Veronica Mars, a show so good Channel 7 would buy it and play it at 11:00pm.

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