There’s A Hole In My Heart

There’s an iPod shaped hole in my heart.

I love my iPod, it’s perhaps, after my first ever computer (the mighty Acorn Electron) the most exciting piece of technology I have ever owned. Every piece of music I have ever owned, from the CD age onwards, stored in a tiny portable device that has enough space left on it for another life time. It’s close to perfect.

Except for one thing, the battery life. I was so impressed when Cath got hers – she could listen to it all day at work and then have power to spare to take it when she walked the dog. Mine, it barely lasted past lunch and now six months later I can get only four or so hours. I know company battery times (this one is advertised as up to 12 hours) should be taken with a grain of salt but this was ridiculous.

Today I took it down to Post (don’t get me started on how ridiculous that name is) and the kindly John bundled it up in some bubble wrap and sped it on its way to iPod hospital. I should hear within a week and hopefully my baby will home within two. I wonder if I could justify to Rae buying an iPod shuffle to tide me over?

3 Replies to “There’s A Hole In My Heart”

  1. How sad….mine is still going strong at work thanks to your speakers. Maybe time to upgrade to the ipod photo. Color makes it all better.

  2. OMG!!! I’m so saddened to hear this terrible news!

    I feel your pain. I’d lend you my pod to tide you over…. but I won’t.

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