It’s Started

This morning we dropped Phee off at Woofa Camp, a camp run by the Western Bulldogs where kids spend two days at the club, go to a game, meet the players, sleep in the club change rooms and do lots of footy related things.

Me in my Tiger t-shirt
Now, as you would expect, most of the families dropping kids off this morning were proud Bulldog supporters and all the kids were in their Doggie jumpers. It just so happens that today the Doggies play my team, the Tigers so I pulled on a Richmond t-shirt (see phone camera pic) this morning in preparation for the game. I’d never felt so scared. 60 odd Bulldog supporters standing, staring at me in my Tiger t-shirt. I spent most of the time cowering behind Rae. Surely they wouldn’t gang up on a Tiger wimp hiding behind a pregnant Bulldog supporter? One guy walked over and commented on how brave I was being, I’m not sure if it was in awe of my courage or if he was incredulous at my stupidity.

All was going well until we were about to leave when a little voice piped up “Dad, you’re embarrassing me. Take off that t-shirt.”

And that, my friends, is why I’m glad Phee is away for two days.

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