Geek Footballer For A Minute

Recently the Richmond Football Club, my beloved Tigers, offered 60 lucky people the chance to have their photo taken with the entire team. For a not too tiny donation to tsunami relief you would get to sit with team for an official photo.

Having no money and with a young Tiger on the way I thought what a great thing would be to do. Rae on the other hand didn’t just think. She pointed out it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and that we would find a way to get the money and have the picture taken. I tried to talk her out of it but she can be very persuasive when she sets her mind to it and I eventually signed up.

Well, Sunday was the day. We rocked on up, registered (I got number 2 although a very grumpy family from Shepparton were in front of me. They had to wait for all the individual shots to be taken before family shots were done) and waited.

The 60 or so people could be spilt in to two distinct groups. Half were obviously footy players who followed the Tiges and wanted the chance to be in a team photo, the other half were footy chicks who wanted to be snapped with Kane Johnson or Brownie. Then there was me – geek boy in the middle of 20 odd super fit professional footballers. Even though I was wearing my jumper with number 10 on the back I felt a little out of place. As I sat down some wise guy in the team said “Hey Staff, he’s got your jumper.”. He didn’t know how right he was – I bought the jumper from the club off Ebay a year or so ago.

Now it’s a four week wait to get the pic. Rest assured, you’ll all get to see it.

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  1. I love the dedication to your club. I trust it will be framed and hung pride of place. Can I be in this years footy tipping…..I know nothing about the sport but with such great prises on offer……please

  2. *LOL* A Tiger supporter on the way? What does Rae say about that? However, very cool – can’t wait to see the piccie!

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