Yesterday’s Post FAQs

Are You Serious?

Yes, yes we are.


Again, yes. We’ve even told our parents.

Why did you pop the question?

’cause I love her and it was the right time to do it.

It’s the baby, isn’t it?

Nope, Albert or Kennedy had nothing to do with this.

Did she know?

Rae didn’t have a clue.

Did you buy the ring beforehand?

I sure did, and this caused the delay ’cause I couldn’t get up to Shepparton to buy it. Everyone in our family has bought their engagement and wedding rings at the same jeweller, a close family friend, for over 30 years so I couldn’t mess with that tradition.

Is it nice?

I think so. She thinks so. So yes.

When’s the wedding?

We have an idea but need to check some things our first. It will probably be post Albert or Kennedy.

What does Phee think?

She’s over the moon and guessed what was going on with one glance.

Did you get down on one knee?

Sure did. (Thank god for anti inflammatories.)

Why on earth would an intelligent woman like Rae say yes?

I have absolutely no idea, I’m only glad she did.

3 Replies to “Yesterday’s Post FAQs”

  1. Awww… I’m thoroughly twitterpated now. That’s so gosh-darn sweet. And I’m saying things like “gosh-darn”. That just proves how twitterpated I’ve become. Ahem. Well done guys, couldn’t be happier for you.

    Also, I am SO for the blog about the wedding preps. That’d be fun.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Congrats to both of you!! Another Q: Does this event inspire a blog dedicated to the wedding preparations in the same way that there is a blog dedicated to the Albert/Kennedy preparations and production? I’m sure you can write more about the tradition of the ring and so forth in a retrospective manner…

  3. Oh Congratulations!!! Oh my! How bloomin’ wonderful! WEll done – couldn’t be happier – how exciting. It’s gonna be all heaven and cupcakes from here.

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