9 Replies to “Always Look On The Bright Side”

  1. I am clearly a better phlebotomy student than you I am A+. Why were you having a blood test? They can’t detect pregnant brain from a blood test.

  2. Ah Daniel, these aren’t general nurses. These are ‘the blood sisters’ in Path. All they do all day is draw blood from people.

  3. So. You admit you’re a freak?

    Maybe you should go along to give blood anyway, just to challenge them. In any case the blood bank people are probably better at finding veins than people in general nursing.

    (I’m O+… common as muck)

  4. Correct Miss Trish. My problem is that whenever I have to have blood drawn they can never find any. Even at this last blood test the woman who drew the blood, who has been doing for 20+ years, struggled to get the bare minimum for the test. Apparently I have freakishly small, or deep depending upon the nurse in question, veins that just don’t want to give it up.

    I am, however, an organ donor and have been since I was 18.

  5. So for 34 and a half years (less the years that you were too young to donate) you’ve never given blood at the blood bank? I’m O+ … common!

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