No Delay

That’s it, we’re now up to date with downloading our television shows. So far that’s 11 episodes of Desperate Housewives (all watched), 13 episodes of Lost (7 watched) and 1 episode of Carnivale (being kept for the end of season 1 on ABC). Last we night we sat down to watch episode 4 of Lost. We had to give up at the beginning of episode 8 ’cause it was way past our bed time.

And today you missed out on a photo of the grooviest tea set you could ever wish for ’cause I forgot to put a memory card in my camera. Maybe next week.

5 Replies to “No Delay”

  1. Yes John and Frank, Bittorrent it is.

    John, we’ve burning DH on to DVD to watch on our telly but from now on we’ll probably just watch them on the PC, as we do with Lost, as they are simple .avi files.

  2. Yeah, that is what I was going to say “BITTORRENT?”
    btw, do you have to convert the file to one of the popular players or is there a specific one? in other words what do you watch the files on? was thinking of looking into it.
    p.s congrats to you and rae.(pending Al)

  3. Keep going with Lost, it’s brilliant, but BE WARNED … episode 10 carries a Tear-Inducing For Pregnant People Warning. I sobbed for hours after watching it. Yes, it involves the pregnant girl, Claire. Nuff said.

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