That’s the number of hours I went without sitting at a computer. No internet, no blogs, no podcasts, no email. Amazingly I am still functioning and obviously back.

I had a magnificent Christmas. Scored a great deal of great loot (Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker are now resident on my office desk) and was spoilt rotten by my gal who managed to get two great tickets to see Paul Kelly and Deborah Conway on the same bill at A Day On The Green at All Saints Winery just outside of Rutherglen. If this doesn’t make me the luckiest guy in the world I have no idea what does.

We then spent a few days up in Shepp doing bugger all. We’d get up and read the papers, then go down the street to grab a coffee from the new Hudsons (and I know should be supporting a good local cafe, but you show me where you can get a consistently good coffee in Shepparton and I’ll support them. Besides, I want a ‘free’ travel mug). Then we’d read some more before having a bit more of read to recover from the days reading before heading off to bed for a little night reading.

Now we’re home and the cats seem happy enough to see us. We’ll probably spend the last few days of 2004 getting this house in to some sort of order. After which we’ll probably sit down and read a little more.

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