Festive Tip

Q: And if disaster strikes? The age-old question — what happens if you forget the corkscrew?
A: There actually is a way to get the cork out of a bottle without pushing it through. Take the bottle, and remove the foil. Then start banging it gently on a carpeted floor. What you do is create pressure, and it may take you 20 minutes to do it, but you will get the cork halfway up, and then you can pull it the rest of the way. It’s a great trick.

Source : Business Week Online

But who can be bothered waiting 20 minutes to open a bottle of wine?

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  1. That’s what the bumber bars on old cars are for. The bumper on my beetle was handy. Just bash the top of the bottle against the top of the rear bumber until it snaps off. This actually works.

    Also handy for getting the top off non screw top beers. Catch the edge on the cap on the bumper, and in a downward motion, bash your free hand against the hand holding the bottle. Very handy for the odd Corona after working a long shift in the Safeway bottle shop.

  2. man, that would have come in handy last night! when the cork crumbled we had to do the old push the cork in with a knife and then grab the tea strainer. so classy.

  3. We! We! We! Always talking about our bloody selves! Me and R.H. Well guess what? You’re nominated. In the Blog Awards. And don’t blame me. He did it: R.H. The man in the mirror.

  4. Thanks, we hobos are always on the lookout for little household tips. Unfortunately we don’t have houses, but we can always find an old bit of carpet somewhere.

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