Rae Is Trying To Kill Me

Rae is trying to kill me. I have explicit instructions to follow from the doctor and she is telling me I’m not allowed to. She’s even taken over the very thing that is supposed to make me better and won’t let me have it.

I went to the doctor to get a certificate ’cause I left work early yesterday. During the conversation he told me the way to get over this virus was to “sit in front of the cricket with a bike bottle of water and drink it”.

Rae has the telly on Blazing Saddles and is refusing to change it to the cricket so if I never get better and die it’s all going to be her fault.

Me, I just do what the doctor tells me.

5 Replies to “Rae Is Trying To Kill Me”

  1. Be thankful that it’s Blazing Saddles and not some chick flick.

    Are you absolutely sure the doctor said to watch the cricket… sounds like dodgy medical advice to me.

  2. Cricket is more important than the individual. If my delicate little ladylove (of the moment), tried to stop me watching the game, I’d bowl her a bumper. Straight away.

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