Odd Socks

There’s nothing better than coming home to find a package sitting on your front doorstep. Even if it’s not for you. And even if after the person who it is for opens it you have no idea what it is.

The noodle place down the street from work doesn’t make good noodles. I won’t go back, even if they do have free internet while you wait.

I need a couple of groovy white t-shirts. Dorky white t-shirts will probably suffice and be more appropriate.

People recovering from heavy chest colds shouldn’t push themselves when mowing a lawn that could be used as a jungle set in the next Indiana Jones film.

I need a camera phone. Everyone else has one.

Everybody needs an iPod. They rock. Really, they do.

I didn’t wear my tie at work today. I was a casual rebel. Nobody noticed.

I miss my hockey, I want my football.

It’s 9:00pm and feel like going to bed. Night.

4 Replies to “Odd Socks”

  1. My next phone, in about 12-18 months, will be a camera phone. By then phones with reasonable resolutions will be down to reasonable prices. The bog standard ones now are a bit crap, even for web use…

  2. Cameraphone-schameraphone. Whatever happened to using phones to, like, you know, *talk* to people?

    And yes, I need an iPod.

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