She’s Got Tickets

As a young lad growing up in the country the highlight of each year (after birthday and Christmas) was the two weeks we would spend in Melbourne every January. To this day January is my favourite time of year. These two weeks we’d spend at the beach, and if anyone knows Edithvale beach you’ll know the lifesaving pavilion. We stayed in the top story of the white house next to it.

Anyway, the highlight of these two weeks was the day we would spend in the city and the highlight of this day was going to see a show. Each year, whatever the top show was, we would go and see it. Oklahoma, Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Me and My Girl, Annie, we saw them all. Her Majestys, The State Theatre, The Princess Theatre, The Athenaeum, wonderful places. For a country kid it was all very impressive.

Now I wonder how mum and dad afforded it.

Phee loves her music and stage shows and we’d love to take her but we simply can’t afford it. Mama Mia is back for a repeat season and she would adore this show. Rae and I would like to see it again, it was a lot of fun, but at $300 for the three of us we will have to pass. There was an article on ticket pricing for the Delta Goodrem shows next year that made me shake my head.

“Goodrem’s tour promoter, Paul Dainty, says he tried to keep ticket prices low and instigated the $349 package to keep the shows affordable for families.”

Rae and I have good jobs, we don’t want for much and live comfortably but within our means however (and here we must say Delta ain’t our musical tastes so this would never actually apply to us) $350 for an hour and a bits entertainment? Mr Dainty needs to have a little rethink me thinks.

In the meantime we’ll grab the Singin In The Rain DVD from the shelf and give that spin.

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  1. Tom Jones and John Farhnam were ridiulously priced…..I heard on the radio Delta is having trouble selling tickets. Maybe a change is in the air.

  2. The ticket prices for shows these days are absolute rubbish and way too expensive. The opera tickets I got for my birthday, were $87 each – and they weren’t even the good seats (the goos seats were $100 more). The price of the Tom Jones and John Farnham concert *on the grass* is $100, and I’m not even going to bother telling you how much the Jamie Cullum tickets were. Keep your ear to the ground for local shows and regional productions. There’s some great stuff coming up at the Werribee arts and cultural centre too. Oops… comment hijack. Sorry!

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