I Dunno

Maybe third time isn’t a charm.

I’m sure many will disagree but the first two episodes of Kath & Kim, series 3, have failed to set my world on fire.

More ‘little boy’ jokes, more pop culture references, same situations, obvious jokes. The freshness of the first two series seems to have been replaced by a desire to give the people more of the same old stuff and, to me, that’s a little boring from a show that once truly pushed boundaries and sparkled with wit.

It’s not so different, it’s nice but no longer unusual.

4 Replies to “I Dunno”

  1. i was disappointed with the first episode, but really enjoyed the second. come on, jane turner as damien oliver! but it looks they’re really relying upon the “celebrity cameo” overload this time around.

  2. Well, so far I’m loving it, wasn’t happy with the first few episodes of the second series, but by the end, with the flashbacks to Sandy Freckle (oh you’re in luck, the powder blue is available) and Sharon’s crush on Brett (Brettie, I’ll have a passiona too thanks Brettie) it had redeemed itself. I think this season is starting well. Hey it had Rachel Griffiths, I was happy.

  3. Not a huge fan myself but do enjoy the misused words and there meanings…….””we overcapitalised and we are really happy with that”…….”you look like a fashion victim… I try Sharon”

  4. yeah I watched the first ep and thought is was bland. But then I wasn’t a fan of the series in the first place. Even Mick Molloy wasn’t funny, and I’m normally a fan of Mick’s work.

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