In Preparation

Gin and Tonic, contrary to what the blog will tell you, did end up with an Ipod and in a few days my eyes may go back to blue from the emerald green they turned. That’s two Ipod induced eye colour changes in a few months.

I know that one day I will have one of these wonders so in preparation I’ve started ripping every CD I own. It’s going to take a while swapping CDs as I work but it’ll be worth it when the magical day of joining Ipodders comes.

A bit later…

Wow, it’s amazing how you forget a lot of the music that once meant so much to you.

It’s also odd seeing CD’s from just over a decade ago with no web site addresses. (Marita this came from looking at the Club Hoy CD)

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  1. my iPod is the altar at which i worship. also handy as a hard drive back up – it has more than four times the memory of my poor little iMac (i am such an apple whore).
    it truly is a jukebox in your pocket.

  2. Club Hoy! Now that’s a blast from the past. Penny Flanagan was in that band back in the early 90s, JJJ used to flog them to death around that time.

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