It’s Next Year Already

Oh I?m sad. After a season where my Tigers finished on the bottom of the ladder, we lost 14 games in a row (most of which I sat through, at least until hald way through the final quarter) and there was nothing but misery being associated with the Yellow and Black I?m already looking forward to 2005.

I was talking to the membership department today about moving our reserved seats to a more Tiger supporter rich area. When told the position of our new seats (right on the wing, 7 rows from the front) my stomach did a little excited flip at the thought of heading off there.

I need help. I really do.

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  1. I think the seats you recieved are from those fickle Richmond supporters who jump ship as soon as the oppitunity arises. At least your a sucker for punishment. Have a present for you Grand final day also, well two in fact if you count the wooden spoons i have left over from 2002!!!

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