Who Listened To The Radio?

Being the good early adopter geek that I am I just upgraded to Windows Media Player 10. Downloaded, installed and fired it up. All was going well until I thought I’d check out the radio tuner.

Hmmm. Nope, not there. Nor there. Mmm, and not there.

So, when all else failed, I hit the Windows Media site only to find out that Windows Media Player 10 no longer has a radio tuner even though it was part of the v10 beta. Oh, and if you had any radio stations saved in your library on version 9, well, they’ve just been deleted.

You can apparently find stations in ‘the Guide’. ‘The Guide’ lists two and the feature you’re told to look for doesn’t exist. Or you can register with an online store to gain access to radio stations. That’s all good and well but there’s no online store for Australia and we’re not given the option of registering for any other.

Normally I don’t rant against Microsoft, even though Firefox is my browser of choice and I’m switching to PHP and MySQL for development work, I’m no uber open source geek but this time they’ve really pissed me off. I guess they couldn’t figure out how to make money from letting me find radio stations so that feature had to go.


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