Wide Awake Now

It must have been all the excitement of contemplating election night, or it could have been the bug I’ve been carrying for a few days, but last night I slept for 15 hours. I did get out of bed this morning, got dressed for work and then realised I wasn’t going anywhere so headed back under the doona. Seems lucky I did ’cause there was apparently a god awful problem on the Westgate this morning that would have added an hour to my trip to work so instead of sitting fuming in the car I was fast asleep with two cats on top of me.

I’ve been amazed how many times the phone has rung here today, I wonder if it’s normal or if people just take a punt on me being home? One was from work with a problem regarding a system I look after so that’s going down on my work report for the week! Feeling much healthier now I’ve got a coffee inside me and it’ll be back to work tomorrow. 20 minutes left before I’d normally knock off, I wonder what I can do in that time to make a day asleep not a total write off.

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  1. Actually, it would have taken you three hours. One of my colleagues drives down by your way. And SK was nowhere near the bridge and he didn’t get into work until 10.45am. He left at 7.50. Eesh. Sometimes trains are good.

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