The Emergency Tie

Friday morning, alarm goes and I’m still asleep as I drag myself out of bed to start the day. Shower, breakfast, all the normal stuff until I get dressed.

Dark blue pants, brown shoes, brown belt, white shirt and then, as my brain switches off, I reach for my Tigers tie. My yellow and predominantly black Tigers tie. Of course I didn’t realise just how bad this combination looked until I turn up at work and glance down at myself.

It was so bad I ran down the street to buy an emergency tie.

And when I got back to work I realised that tie too was truly hideous. I’m going to blame the lights in the shop where I purchased it, or the footy chat I was having with the owner but most likely it was just my lack of judgement that lead to truly bad tie day.

Now I have to summon up the energy to chuck it on Ebay ’cause god knows I’ll never be wearing it again, not even in another tie emergency.

2 Replies to “The Emergency Tie”

  1. Next time take the tie off, open the top button and declare it casual Friday. Really what are the chances of your boss saying anything. It could start a new trend in your office.

  2. Ah, but if you put it on ebay, you are admitting to the world that you bought it in the first place.

    (Unless you’re gonna lie and claim you were given it.)

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