Things I Want

My Canucks jacket to turn up. It’s been two months since I ordered it but I don’t want to write it off to experience, I just want the jacket.

A DVD Recorder. They’re a little pricey right now but hopefully in a year or so I’ll be able to tape shows in wide-screen. 4:3 is just wrong, plain and simple.

Melbourne wide wi-fi coverage that I can buy on a monthly basis so I can plug my Ipaq in to my car stereo and listen to 6 Music or hockey broadcasts where ever I go.

Of course there’s the unreachable goals such as world peace, an end to hunger and the Tigers winning a game this century but I prefer to keep my dreams manageable.

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  1. melbourne wide wi-fi coverage i agree with. unwired has rolled out in sydney and has ambitions for melbourne as well. the one thing about these guys is that their technology is proprietary. so it’s not true wi-fi. if you come to my house and sit in the lounge room you can use it!

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