Ebay Again

Seriously, why would you ever buy anything PC related from a shop?

Yesterday was an exciting day – Officeworks opened up just up the road and seeing as how Rae and I had the day off we went up to have a browse. When I say ‘we went’ I actually mean I ran screaming with joy from the car pretty much before it had even stopped in the car park and Rae came along behind, telling me to calm down.

Anyways, I found a 4 port USB 2.0 PCI card which, even though I recently got a new hub, I need for my PC. Hmm, $59. A bit rich but not too bad. Thought I’d take Stinky for a look today and pick it up then.

Poor Stink ain’t gonna get to see Officeworks today. I checked Ebay when I got home just to see. Well, look at this. Good price. Let’s bid. Five minutes late I got exactly what I wanted for $26.

Forget multi-mega-conglomerates, the biggest threat to local traders is, and will increasingly become, Ebay.

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