How Far Do You Go?

A little while ago Beth mentioned she splashed out and spent $5 more on a bottle of red than their normal limit.

I know we have an amount we usually don’t spend over for a bottle.

You tell me yours, I tell you mine.

How much for

a) A bottle to drink at home?
b) A bottle to take to to a friends place?

and, if you want, tell us if it’s going to be red or white.

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5 Replies to “How Far Do You Go?”

  1. I’ve always preferred white wine, (Australian, Californian) but recently have discovered red. It’s deeper, more grainy in general but potent, pleasant and good with heavier meals. White is good at all times. 😉

  2. I generally take red. I spend around $15 and usually stick to drops I know and love. At home I’m a bit more extravagant, though only in the sense that I keep the more ‘expensive’ stuff ($30) from wineries for speical occasions at home.

  3. I love Haughtons unwooded chardonnay and Queen Adelaides dry white… and I believe they’re both just under $20. I generally don’t drink reds and stick to dry whites these days, though I tend to splash out and get on average a $25 bottle. If I’m getting wine, I’m getting the better than average stuff no matter what the occasion.

  4. I just never buy a bottle with a picture on the label. A rough translation from English pounds is AUS$11.5. Before redundancy, it was about AUS$13. But, who cares – it all has the same effect.

  5. I’ll generally take red unless I know it’s going to be a meal for which white is better.

    As for the cost thing, following the lead of a good friend for a while I was buying cheap (sub-$10) bottles of stuff I knew was good. But I suspect that however good it is, I end up looking like a cheapskate because of it, so in general I now aim for $15-20. Something nicer if the occasion demands.

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