Just When You Think It’s Time To Give In

For weeks now I’ve been convincing myself that the footy season was over. It got to the stage that Rob and I left at half time when we played Carlton, and l’ve only ever left that early once before.

Then came last night. We lost, and there’s no shame in losing to Brisbane, but weren’t humbled. We played with passion, commitment and will. When challenged the boys didn’t crumble. There was no fade out or stumble; it was as if the first half of the season had never happened.

Now those weekends I’d thought I’d not bother I’ve inked back in. I want to believe we’ve turned the corner. That we have begun the long journey back.

Please Tigers.

I really want to believe.

This entry was done on my Ipaq while waiting for the Doggies/Freeo game to start. Now if only I’d been watching the game in America at SBC Park I could have uploaded it straight away instead of waiting to get home. Come on Telstra Dome, get with the times.

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  1. Don’t worry, there will come a time where wireless points will be situated all around the country.

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