Ripping Yourself Off

Picture this, a quiet Wednesday evening. You?re sitting at home, avoiding work and eating dinner when your little sister calls you up.

?Tony, we?re starting a business, it?s getting lots of publicity and we need a web site ? can you help??

?Sure little sister, what do you need??

?Just a site, but we need it tonight.?

What to do? I?m snowed under with work and the site needs to be live tomorrow. After a little thought the answer comes easily, plagiarism. Although is it really plagiarism when you copy yourself?

For those who have seen Contemplating Albert you may recognise a few (ha hem) similarities with the site for Shepparton?s newest business and youth drama school/youth performing arts group Initial Stages. Thank god for CSS.

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  1. Duh! I do that all the time! *LOL* Looks good though, though yes, suspiciously familiar…hmmm. 😀

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