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‘They’ removed the Pepsi vending machine at work. We’ve been promised it will be back next Monday. If it’s not there will be blood in the streets, or maybe just the corridors depending upon how energetic we feel.

If you’re 34/35ish go and download a copy of The Communards ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ or ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’. If you don’t have immeadiate flashbacks to your final year formal/prom/dance/whatever then you’re not really 34/5ish.

My Ipaq has won my heart even quicker than my Palm did years ago. It’s a great machine.

Ebay is a wonderful thing. How else could I find a 256MB SD card for half the street price?

I did the web site for the Mercure Grand Chalet Mt Buller. Check out the rate for a weekend on the mountain during the ski season. The tech support guy for the hosting company (not my regular one) complimented me on a job well done, which is a first for me.

And go wish the lovely Miss Marita a happy birthday just ’cause she’s lovely and deserves it. Happy birthday Marita.

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