3 Replies to “Time To Head Back”

  1. Hey, I may be able to top this.

    I chose a Gameboy through a bonus type thing at work for 5 years service, but it didn’t come with a game, so off to K Mart to see what’s available. There it was, six Game & Watch games on the one cartridge including my second favourite, ‘Donkey Kong Jr’, in both classic (original) form and modern. That first night, I was up to 12:30 (on a school night) playing like I was 14. Coooool!

  2. Oooohhh… Tony… I’ve got a whole CD with dozens of old arcade games that have been cloned to PC. Loads of fun!

  3. There is a freeware PC Elite clone floating about somewhere, so theoretically you could hack an XBox to run it. Or for extra nostalgia, run a BBC or C64 emulator to run an old version. It’s funny to think that a game written 20 years ago on 8-bit platforms allowed such freedom, had such wide bounds… something which even now is very rarely equalled.

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