We Love You Miss Hannigan

We’ve spent all today sitting down. We picked up Phee from drama and raced up the Hume to see my sister in Annie.

After a two and a quarter hour drive we arrived with ten minutes to spare and straight in to our seats. It was then the flash backs began. You see my little sister, who teaches singing for a living, always wanted to sing; she even tried to make her first scream melodious. She must have been about eight or so when she first discovered Annie and for the next seven years, until I left for Melbourne, that’s pretty much all she sang. Every day. Every hour of every day. Every minute of every hour of every day. The tape must have been worn thin spooling through her little Sanyo tape deck over and over without stopping.

And today it all came flooding back. I swear if one of the performers had have been struck by a bolt of lightning on stage I could have leapt up and taken their place without skipping one word.

Helen played Miss Hannigan, the role she was born for. She belted out the big numbers, hammed up the comedy and danced up a storm with her husband, with whom she shared the stage and applause. Their poor child doesn’t stand a chance. Write this name down now – Tom Janke. You’ll be seeing it up in lights before very long, and he’s not yet two.

Well done Helly, I’m very proud of you but now, how about we give Annie the rest she deserves?

And if you’re wondering why I’m blogging while the Tiges are playing, check out the half time score. 64-9. And we’re not 64.

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  1. You send Phee to HOGs! Cool! I went to HOGs classes too for about a year when I was in highschool. That was the best fun.

    And now I’ve got the songs from Annie in my head… yeesh.

    And… the Bombers lost. To Geelong. Crushed. Crushed I tell you.

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