Ups, Downs and Roundabouts

Poor Spud. Surely nothing can save him now. Rob and I left at the fifteen minute mark of the final quarter, unable to watch as the Tiges meakly surreneded to the Cats. No game plan (again), poor skills (again), turn overs (again), no commitment to the ball or body (again), indecisive (again) and a general lack of desire (again) marked the Tiges perfomrance last night. With 2 wins from our last 17 games and the fans and media baying for blood Danny’s call for solidarity in the face of adversity will fall on deaf ears and that will be his sad figure you see lining up at Centrelink in a few weeks time. It’s a shame, I like Spud but I feel that his time has now come.

To make up for this 2 hours of heart breaking and soul destruction Rob and I headed off to Ascot Vale for Steve’s bucks night. Not that Steve will ever know he had a bucks night, after all you have to be conscious to have memories of an event. Still we had a few drinks, had a bit of a chat to Colin and some guy whose name may or may not have been Rick and as we turned up just in time we enjoyed the, um, ‘entertainment’, incorporating more athleticism than the entire Richmond Football Club had shown a bare hour earlier, that Steve will be told about for a good time to come. Lucky Steve has a brother willing to step in and take his place for these trying events. What a guy.

Steve, when you wake up in a few days time, hope you had a good night and hope you can detox in time for the wedding, after all it’s only a few weeks away.

Later that day….

My mighty ‘nucks forced a 7th game in the best of seven playoff series 2 minutes in to the third overtime period. Yep, they played 1 and 2/3rd games tonight but kept their hopes alive. Go Canucks! Wish I could be at YVR to greet you. As they manufactured this miracle the Dogs won their first for the year so at last Rae and I had something to cheer about.

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  1. Sorry to say, but it looks as though you Nucks have gone down in Flames (get it). Hopefully the Leafs fare a bit better against the Senators in their game 7 matchup.

  2. Sambuca is the evil elixor of Satan as far as I am concerned. Good for getting para, but not so good for the taste… Sambuca chasers are never good after beers – 1 or 400.

    And what’s the deal with the coach? He’s not the one playing, for goodness sakes. The players are the ones who need their bums kicked.

  3. tony, i have awoken….and a warning to all your readers….Sambuca is a very dangerous drink, especially after 400 beers!!

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