Sporting Conciliation

I have to go to the other side of the world to get some sporting conciliation, but when I do it’s huge.

The mighty Canucks made it in to the playoffs yesterday and in the process managed to clinch the division title for the first time in 11 years, ending Colorado’s 10 year reign at the top. There was much dancing around the house in jubilation.

Bring on the first round of the playoffs, Calgary will hopefully be our first victim on the road to the Cup.

2 Replies to “Sporting Conciliation”

  1. So does that mean that we get to see Canucks games on Foxtel (either Fox Sports 1 or 2 – at four in the morning, or ESPN) at long long last? It’s blatantly obvious that Fox and ESPN HATE the Canucks, I’ve never seen a Canucks game on these channels as yet.

  2. GO LEAFS!!!

    Toronto shouldn’t have too much trouble with Ottawa. The Avalanche v Stars playoff looks interesting.

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