Here’s A Tip

It’s Autumn.

The sun is setting early, leaves are changing colour, warm days, cool nights, winter woollies being dusted off, dew on the cars in the street and I’ve just placed my first footy tips for the year.

Yep, footy is four days away and the great Tony’s Tipping Competition is once more open for business. I was hoping to write my own system this year but time got away from me. All blog readers are invited to join in, just go to and join in the competition called “Tony’s Tipping”.

Marita currently holds the perpetual trophy and it will be tough to prise it from her grasp. Don’t worry if you know nothing about footy as Nigel, an Englishman who has never seen a game in his life, is living proof that the less you know about the game the better. He almost won last year.

3 Replies to “Here’s A Tip”

  1. Though I want to join it– it sounds a little bit hard by my poor English skill.
    Well, in your country autumn comes— yes yes I know you live in the Southern hemisphere. Now we are waitting for spring!

  2. And I will join too. Given I tip the doggies every week I am unlikely to be much of a threat – looking forward to that wooden spoon Ren!

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