And twisted. That’s me.

a) I was supposed to go on the 2004 Orange Great Melbourne Bike Ride? tomorrow and even though I’ve done no prep I was going to give it a go and try to keep up with Rob. At least if I made it up the West Gate Bridge I could cost back down to home and collapse but no, my freakin PC is not happy – the hard drive now stops for no apparent reason so tomorrow I’m going to sit here, screw driver in hand, poking and prodding until the damn thing works again.

b) Trivia nights. At the behest of Zita (Rae’s mum) we went to a trivia night tonight. All was going well until, with two rounds to go, the host told us we were equal for the lead. Instantly Rae and I turn in to Mr and Mrs Competitive and this thing becomes the most important event ever in the history of humanity. It was made even worse when, after the next round, we told were one in front by one.

Bad choices, vague questions, dead wood at one end of the table and a bit of bad luck saw us drop a point in the final round which resulted in a tie. A tie! Freakin heck. It was announced the tie breaker would concern tennis. Nigel, why the hell don’t you live on this side of the world?

Of course no one on our table knew anything about tennis and we lost. Mr and Mrs Competitive were not happy. Now it’s way past my bed time, we have no prize, I won’t get to take a photo from the top of the bridge and my PC is liable to freeze before I finish this post.

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  1. having just recently gone through the trauma of upgrading my computer with my lack of technical expertise i can certainly empathise. i think i broke even my own record cussing streak.

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