Football, It’s In The Blood

Today was the annual Tiger’s family day at Punt Rd. Us and a few thousand other Tiger fans turned up to see the jumper presentation, meet the players, get faces painted, part with some cash for the cause and have a kick on the hallowed turf of Tigerland.

While waiting in line I noticed a guy in, of all things, a Collingwood jacket (Collingwood being one of the Tiges arch enemies for those not in the AFL know). I thought he was either very crazy or very brave wandering in the Tiger’s den until I saw why; his young son was a Tiger fan waiting in line too, a badge of his favourite player and a five dollar note clutched in his hand. “How odd,” I thought, “a Collingwood dad and a Tiger son.”

Then I paused.

I’m the Tiger son of a Collingwood dad with my own Doggie daughter.

I love footy.

Go the Tiges.

me and Phee

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  1. It was for an evil monolithic foreign unhealthy-drink-producing corporation, but I always loved the billboard/tramside advert for Coke, which showed a dad and his young kid at the footy, with the caption “Because every child needs a proper education”.

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