I’ve stopped sleeping again, rejoined the land of the zombies for a while and it’s all because of the same reason I didn’t sleep for 9 of the last 10 months. The old house is haunting us still.

Tomorrow we go to the tribunal to have our case heard. We think we’re in with a 50/50 chance of getting one spurious claim against us either reduced or kicked out, the other is just too tricky to defend (which may be why they chose it) but with a little, no, lot of, luck that too maybe reduced.

It’s the unknown that has me lying in bed, tossing, turning and running facts through my head over and over. I have no idea what the process of a hearing is and that’s what keeps me awake. Today I’m going to call our current agent and ask her what goes on; she loves us so I hope she can help.

Now I’ve got to drag myself off to the shower and then somehow get through a days work. Tomorrow night though I plan on sleeping. A lot.

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