Thanks And Cats

To all those who commented and mailed r.e Barlow McEwan and Tribe’s strongarm attempts, many many thanks. I could write more but it’s just too draining to contemplate them, all we want is for the whole mess to be over once and for all. Oh, and for them to go out of business if at all possible.

Anyways, moving on to wetter things.

Got home from final day of the course today to find both cats waiting outside. Wet. In the rain. Not under the carport. Not under the front porch. Not in the garage and not in the little garden shed. These poor wet felines are also having trouble with the front door. Our old door opened left to right so they became accustomed to sitting a little back on the left hand side so they could run in. Big problem now ’cause our door now opens right to left. They still sit at the left hand side, slowly being wedged betwixt door and wall. Belter is beginning to realise, which is not bad for such a flibidygibet of a cat, but good ole big thick Tom still sits waiting for the door to miraculously let him in.

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