Progress Report

We’re in the new place, it’s great. We’re broke. The cats have now joined us so the family is complete once more. The lounge looks like a lounge, which is homely, the kitchen is messy enough to be a properly moved in to kitchen. We have our Foxtel. Most of the other rooms are still packed with cardboard boxes and striped bags but we’re hoping that by the end of the weekend we should be almost normal.

There’s a back shed that Rob and I have claimed as the Scalextric room, if only I could save the money to get one, that is. Phee is happy in her huge new room, next step is a desk of her own so she can draw to her hears content in there. The garage is already getting stuff thrown in it willy nilly. I can sit here at my desk and watch Phee play totem tennis in the back yard.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to apply for my ADSL connection yet ’cause the previous tenant’s connection is still live here. If I apply now the application will be rejected, I’ll get charged and have to go again. Hopefully that will be sorted out within a day or two so I can get the application under way, dial up is killing me.

We’re handing back the keys to the old place tomorrow and in a minor victory we have got away with giving only 24 days notice. In some way I’m sad, it was a lovely place and would have made a wonderful home for a few years but the pressure that had been building up and that has been released only over the last few days was too much. It will be good riddance to neighbours, agents and land lords who cared for no one but themselves.

We have our new house now, and it already feels more of a home than the old one ever did.

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  1. Great! ”new” — makes always us cheerful! My house became old, we get old, my dauhgters get not old — grown-up.

  2. It’s a really nice place to boot! I love it, and it’s bigger than the house I’m in at the moment. No fair. Once you get everything sorted, all will be well. And stop complaining about dial-up. 😉

  3. Huge hugs to both of you!!! I’m so glad! I know it’s bittersweet. Letting go of contentment is tough, tough–far tougher than it seems it should be. But the important thing is that all of you will have peace now! And I’m certain this new house will be “home” soon, too. Just a matter of time. Transition periods are always the most difficult.

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