We All Have A Dream Of A Place We Belong

For two days now we’ve been sitting in the car, driving from dump to dump, finding a good place only to then be told it’s already gone. Rae’s grumpy and my neck is so tight I don’t think I can turn my head but we have signed the notice to vacate so there’s no turning back.

This whole endeavour has made me realise we need a house of our own, renting is fine when it?s just two but when a family is involved the whole security aspect takes on a dimension a single person or couple without kids just couldn?t comprehend.

We’ve both resolved to live a life of austerity for the next year or two to get what we need, a place to call our own. It will be tough, we will probably have to swallow our pride, eat our words and build or buy in a new estate somewhere just so we can get a start. Our hearts will always be inner city, that will continue be our aim, but for now we will do what we have to do; we are never doing this again.

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