My Precious

An update on the Dr Who DVD situation for all those who have asked.

I haven’t slept since Christmas day. I’ve hidden all the scissors. People are turning against me. I have noticed Phee is paying close attention to the box, I think her mum has secretly bribed her to ‘accidentally’ open it. The cats seem to be playing very close to it as well, they have sharp claws. Even the fish seem to be swimming in its direction and we all know how sharp their fins can be.

For now the car and dvd are still safely in their wrapper. Must stay alert though, never drop my guard if my precious is to stay a collectible.

3 Replies to “My Precious”

  1. i can feel your pain, but i have never had the patience to be a collector. that little baby would have been ripped open in three seconds had it been in my house.

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