He’s The Voice

Idiot Neighbour Child #2 likes to tune up the sub woofer in his car. Every week. Normally it’s just thumping music, hard to tell exactly what because the volume is so loud any substance is distorted to doof doof doof by the time it’s shaking our walls.

Well, today we found out what this bass slammin’ head banging day-glo safety vest wearing Neanderthal impersonator has as his music of choice.

John Farnham.

We’re a little confused.

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  1. I know this is an embarassing thing to say but I (+ my mom, dad and Shane) did go to see John Farnham live at the 1981 Shepparton Show, he played in a pavilion near the grandstand. He wore black leather pants that night. This was around the time he had a hit with “Help me if you can I’m feeling down….”. Were you at that concert Tony?

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