Unreliable Globes

Tonight the Combined Idiot Foundation of Newport (ie the neighbours) were smoking themselves to death outside my window and commenting on how they were trying to get people to come back each year to look at their Las Vegas impersonation tack-a-rama light display by adding new ‘features’ (as it is if they add any more they will need their own substation). They then complained how one bulb had knocked out half their display when it blew.

They really should learn how to whisper.

Seeing as the fairly-light fairy has skipped over our place I got to thinking we should do our own display . Why not draw some inspiration from a Christmas classic; letters a metre high that spell out ‘BAH, HUMBUG’ would do nicely.

4 Replies to “Unreliable Globes”

  1. reminds me of the very first Simpsons episode where Homer put christmas lights at the front of the house and only a handful of lights worked

  2. isn’t it funny how smokers will always leave their own abode to puff away and not stink up their own place, but then camp outside some non-smoker’s door or window to do so? my next door neighbours were always doing that as well.

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