With Great Sadness

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my most beloved key chain attachment. After almost ten years of dedicated service my little Maglite broke today.

Its once shiny black had rubbed away to not so shiny silver and it had had a bulb replacement performed recently but was still working away, illuminating the darkest sockets of computers around Melbourne.

Purchased duty free in Hong Kong many years ago it lead a long life. It had searched for photos in Vietnam, read books on a train through the Rockies and helped find a remote control in a hotel room in San Fransisco. It is survived by its brother, my key chain Swiss Army knife.

No flowers by request.

4 Replies to “With Great Sadness”

  1. Sigh. Me too. I had one for years. It had the special little cord so you could shine it *at* your keys so you could unlock your car in the dark. One day, the top came off, a spring sprung out and broke, and the Maglite moved on from this world.

    I will always remember.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. All mini maglite owners feel your pain, myself included. Mine was bought many moons ago to bring light to the inside of my Datsun 180B, whose wiring was failing, and has since served well illuminating the Melways, our 3 man tent when camping and many other situations where I would have been in the dark without it.

    Some believe that maglites don’t really die… they ascend to a higher plane, and when you look up in the sky at night and see a star that you haven’t seen before, that is in fact a maglite that is shining done upon us, lighting up the dark spots for us forever more from their higher plane.


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