After the flood (in the sense of a one comment flood) of questions regarding my criteria for supporting a sporting team I thought I should put up a convenient explanation.

a) The Tigers

I’m a Richmond Football Club supporter born and bred. Thankfully my grandfather, whom I’m lead to believe once trained with the club, got to me before my Dad (Magpies) or Mum (St Kilda) could. For this I shall be eternally grateful. I hate Collingwood supporters and the thought I could have been one sends shivers down my spine.

For the Tiges I have everything, from a #10 jumper signed by Kevin Sheedy to a tie for footy season Fridays and the Mondays after we win. I’ve only had a membership for three years, 2004 being my 4th, so I’ve probably only see about 60 games.

b) The Canucks.

1999 and I’m on holiday in Vancouver. It’s the last night of my three week stay and Jen, the gal I was staying with, suggested we go see a hockey game, it was the Vancouver Canucks at home to the Colorado Avalanche. Three hours later and I was hooked, even though we lost in OT. Speed, skill, brute force – who could ask for more? I’ve tried to listen to every game since and have got involved with Melbourne’s team in the national ice hockey competition – check, it’s the site I did for them.

Canuck stuff is like gold to me. I’ve managed to get one of each of their jersey’s (home/away/alternate) and thanks to Ebay and generous Canuck fans I’ve picked up other odds and ends. I’d kill for one of their retro jerseys.

I’ve only seen the one game and in all likelyhood, that will be all I ever get to see.

c) Bolton Wanderers

My latest team is the Bolton Wanderers of the English FA Premier League. Thanks to the generosity of the Mayor of Audiville and his latest business I’m now a Bolton Wanderers follower. Even though I still don’t really get the offside rule I’ve got the shirt, and I think that’s what really counts.

Haven’t seen a game yet. Maybe one day.

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  1. Yeee ha! I’ve spread the word. You could be a very useful Bolton fan. You could tell the Wanderers to sort out that bl##dy website… I’ve been a fan for 32 years and even I haven’t ‘registered’. A much better bet is Teamtalk (,1562,6,00.html), with a lively Your Say section.

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