Introducing This Minute’s Sucker

Oh dear god, PT Barnum was right, I couldn’t help myself.

Rae and had an Enjo do this afternoon and I couldn’t be stopped. Everything seemed so good; it cleaned, it cleaned quick and took no effort so I wanted one of everything. Thankfully Rae managed to hold me back to a kitchen glove and the amazing chamois thing. We had a very wise demonstrator, she let me use the chamois to finish off my car that I was cleaning. One swipe – I was sold and she was a lot better off for her afternoon’s effort.

Now I have to wait a week until I have one of those wonders in my hand. I swear I’ll be washing my car every afternoon, just ’cause I can.

2 Replies to “Introducing This Minute’s Sucker”

  1. you’re not a sucker at all! i love the enjo stuff, too. i have a decent collection of gloves which has only stopped growing because i’m about to sign up as a consultant & i want to wait to buy more until i can get them slightly cheaper.

  2. Hope my car cleaning glove makes me feel I want to wash the car everyday – poor thing it would probably fall apart if I did, ages since it has been washed. excuse – no enjo glove!!! Love Mum

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