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A couple of weeks ago Nigel had a job and no web site.

Now Nigel has a web site and no job.

Taking a little dose of retrenchment in his stride Nigel has launched Mightier Than, his own freelance copywriting business. Within one week he wrote the site, I built it and now he’s ready to take on the world so if you need a bit of the world’s best feelance copywriting take a look at and contact Mightier Than.

Or if you want a web site in a week, give me a call.

3 Replies to “Copy That”

  1. In all seriousness though, it’s an impressive effort on Tony’s part, putting together a great web site in a week while juggling his fulltime job.

    On the other hand, just try and get him to re-design a blog template during a fortnight off work!

  2. I’m after a new site. I’d like it to be fully done in Flash, and I’d like completely unique navigation to be designed for it – something quite unlike anything ever seen before. I want a nice long intro/splash screen, at least a full five minutes, just so everybody coming to the site knows what it’s about. And for anything that can’t go into Flash, that can be done as a PDF, preferably spawning popup windows all over the place.

    I want all this and more within a week.

  3. Just to let you all know, this man made me this fantastic website – as a favour. He’s refused my English pounds at least three times. Desperately trying to find some other way of paying. The offer of free accommodation for the three of you is on the table. Tony Malloy – top man.

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